s   e   c   o   n   d   t   h   o   u   g   h   t   .   o   r   g
think again...

Andrew Hogue is the head of search and analytics at foursquare in New York City. There he works on projects like search, Explore, and Radar using one of the biggest social and geographic datasets in the world.

Previously, he was a Senior Staff Engineer and Engineering Manager at Google. There he led the structured data and information extraction group, working on projects like question answering, sentiment analysis, and Google Squared. In his "20%" time, Andrew also helped organize Google's response to Hurricane Katrina, and has been active in Google.org's "Predict and Prevent" initiative.

Prior to Google, Andrew received his Bachelors and Masters degree from MIT's CSAIL. His research into pattern recognition algorithms and interfaces for the Haystack group was recognized with the William A. Martin Award for Outstanding Master's Thesis.

Andrew lives in New Jersey with his wife, Tiffany, and their three children. His scientific name is Andreas Hogus.

ahogue at secondthought dot org